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Hydra Inc.

Enjoy Your Adventures In Retroactive Dream Sequences

jackal traffic
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Hydra Inc.
Multiplanetary industrial overexpansion rears its ugly head[s].

+ Boomslang: anti-anti-hero and center of attention.
+ Jarul: chimerabrain.
+ Holy Memphis: a somewhat conceited, heretical black cat. LOL NEVER MIND
+ Vertical: cruiserweight king-of-jackals.
+ Leviathan: the city.
anti-anti-heroism, blacklights, cherryskins: the nu-antique psychedelic, city sprawl, cosmetic amputation, crappy technological innovations, cyberkink, cyberpunk, darkstep, dead circuitry, glowsticks, heretics, irreverence, leviathan, porn for thought, retroactive dream sequences, science fiction, suddenly knowing the way, technosexual implications, the hydra, useless chrome panels, veeeeevaaaaa ... lesss vay-gay-esssssss, we love the dead!